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Healing Moon, Healing Land; This is Sierra Refuge

When we started this dream up, we knew we wanted to fully embrace the natural refuge that this land offers to all of us. No matter our life challneges, for us it was some major addiction

and trauma challenges, this land provided safety, growth, healing, and wisdom. The creeks, mountains, trees, flowers, wind, all the many stars, the phases of the moon, and the bright sun were always consistent in providing that healing and hope.

We personally celebrated the full moon each month and took space to assess ourselves. We would dive inwards to see what was not working, come up with ideas to change, and release the things that were just not working for us. We would take space to feel some big emotions and face some big beliefs/stories that needed to be let go. We would welcome wisdom and hope to reframe those stories/beliefs and shift internally to allow healthier emotions to arise. We decided, to share that practice with community and offer a space to met others on their healing journeys.

Starting August 30, 2023, we will be hosting community Full Moon Gatherings, once a month (even in the months with two). This will be open to those who live here and those who love to visit; open to anyone who seeks refuge in these lands and are on a path to recovering or healing themselves. It is a sober event, to welcome full healing and safety for all who attend. We will have guided meditation, fire to release what doesn't serve us, stories, reflection, and shares for wisdom on our healign journey. Light snacks and veggie soup will be available. We will have access to Diaz Creek for Moon Water, charging crystals, or moon soaks/dips.

So bring your crystals, drums, rainsticks, singing bowls, yoga mats/cushions and an open heart and open mind and let's connect with self, land, sky, and community!

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